Iloilo City eyes more global expo

THE Iloilo City Local Economic and Investment Promotion Office (LEIPO) is hoping to join more exhibitions globally following its participation in the 5th China Maritime Silk Road International Brand Expo in Quanzhou, Fujian Province of China on April 18-21, 2019.

“The expo was held in Shishi City but we have so many invitations in even bigger cities such as Xiamen and Beijing. They wanted to invite us. China is a big market for the products from Iloilo city and province,” LEIPO head Ritchel Gavan said.

“There was also a Greek businessman who said he was interested in bringing our products to Europe. So, we have these potential venues in selling products,” she added.

Gavan said the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) also offered to organize an investment forum in China to further promote the products.

A representative of Philippine Xiamen Chamber of Commerce, who has an online business, also signified an intention to help five local businessmen promote their food products, and travel and tours services.

Iloilo was the only city in the Philippines that was invited to participate in the event. This was part of economic ties as Iloilo and Quanzhou are sister cities.

Ilonggo exhibitors earned P30,000 during the expo. These included RGies Delicacies, Balay Tablea, Al Di Foods, Einar’s Natural Food Export, Jaki Peñalosa, Totong Gellangarin, Balai Hablon, and Women United through Handcrafted Lace and Embroidery (WUTHLE) of Sta. Barbara, Iloilo.

Iloilo Business Club (IBC) executive director Lea Lara said buyers were interested with turmeric and butterscotch made of mangoes, among Ilonggo-made sweets, chocolate, local teas and textiles exhibited.

The creations of Peñalosa and Gellangarin were featured during the fashion show.

The event drew 3,000 exhibitors coming from 40 countries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Africa, among others. (PIO)