Ilonggo pride in Asia’s biggest university basketball tournament

Iloilo’s very own Kent John Parreñas is set to showcase his basketball prowess on an international stage as he represents the Philippines in the 2024 BLIA Cup, Asia’s biggest university basketball event.

The tournament, held under the prestigious Fo Guang Cup Basketball Invitation, will take place from July 23 to July 28 at the grand Kaohsiung Dome in Taiwan.

Parreñas, hailing from Pototan, Iloilo, is the sole Ilonggo varsity player for Guang Ming College of Tagaytay.

He will compete alongside his teammates under the guidance of University of the Philippines (UP) Fighting Maroons OSD Coach Bo Perasol and Coach Paul Ramos.

This year’s BLIA Cup features 16 teams from seven countries: Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Japan, and the Philippines.

The tournament promises a thrilling display of speed, strength, and skill, with participants pushing their limits and creating new legends in the sport.

The Philippine team, bolstered by Parreñas’s talent and determination, is eager to make a mark in this prestigious event.

Parreñas’s participation not only highlights his individual capabilities but also brings immense pride to Iloilo, showcasing the region’s talent on a global platform.

As the only Ilonggo in the competition, Kent John Parreñas stands as a testament to the excellence and dedication of athletes from Iloilo. His journey to Taiwan reflects the hard work and perseverance required to compete at such a high level, inspiring many young athletes in the region.

The BLIA Cup will undoubtedly be a fierce competition, with teams from around the world vying for the top spot. For the Philippine team and especially for Iloilo’s pride, Kent John Parreñas, it is an opportunity to demonstrate their basketball prowess and bring honor to their home country.

As the games unfold at the Kaohsiung Dome, all eyes will be on these athletes who will undoubtedly deliver unforgettable performances.

For Iloilo and the Philippines, the 2024 BLIA Cup is more than just a tournament—it is a stage where the best of university basketball meets, and where future legends are born.


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