AN estimated 15,000 Ilonggos showed up in full force as a show of overwhelming support for Team Arangka’s grand rally at the Iloilo City Grandstand on Sunday.

Supporters from seven districts trooped to the grandstand through various activities like torch parades coupled with drum rolls.

Also, hundreds of Duterte Youth Party List members joined the rally.

Mayor Jose Espinosa III said the organizers prepared 15,000 snack packs but they ran out of food, as they didn’t expect the giant crowd who gathered out of love and admiration for Team Arangka.

It was not a “hakot” crowd as they flocked the grandstand without monetary promises. As true-blue supporters, they cheered for Team Arangka all the way.

“We have shown that Ilonggos are united for noble undertakings as we hope for the best. We believe we can win if we work together,” Espinosa stressed.

Espinosa hoped that unity and victory will be achieved with partymates PERLA ZULUETA as the city’s lone district representative and R LEONI GEROCHI as vice-mayor.

And success will be attained with the big help of re-electionist and new breed of councilorables – LYNDON ACAP, RODEL AGADO, OSCAR CATARATA, RELEO LUMAYAD, MANDREI MALABOR, WANGWANG MONTELIBANO, ED PENAREDONDO, ATTY. REX SARABIA, DRA. CANDICE TUPAS and DYLEE ZULUETA.

Leading by example, Espinosa rallied Ilonggos against corruption, illegal drugs and criminality in line with the programs of the Duterte administration.

Espinosa has a proven track record without any corruption charges in his long years in office since he was councilor, in contrast to his rival who was once suspended by the Ombudsman.

The city under Espinosa’s leadership and administration won the Anti-Drug Abuse Performance Award given by the Office of the President last year.

With Espinosa’s strengthened good governance, the city has transformed with progressive and inclusive growth being felt by the people, with services brought closer directly to recipients.

Close to 150,000 beneficiaries, especially indigents, senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities, have benefited from the Pag-ulikid or Care Outreach Program that brings medical, dental, wheelchairs, discount IDs and booklets, and processing of birth and marriage certificates, to people in the barangays.

In just a short period of time, Espinosa has effectively and efficiently delivered concrete public service providing the basic social needs and convenience of constituents.

Espinosa thanked everyone for the support to sustain his service to the Ilonggos through transparent and participatory governance that benefits the majority over personal interests.

Espinosa also vowed to pursue the best practices and initiatives towards the attainment of Seal of Good Local Governance by the Department of the Interior and Local Government during the regional validation at City Hall on May 6, 2019.