ISUFST bares official logo

By Jomel D. Guintivano

It’s final!

After a series of deliberations on the proposed new logo for the newly converted institution, the Board of Regents have confirmed the new ISUFST logo in a special meeting in person and via Zoom, at Hotel del Rio, Iloilo City on March 17, 2023.

Prof. Edmer D. Bernardo and Instr. Patrick Lance L. Nacion designed the logo for the Board of Regents to approve.

“The goal was to conceptualize something (logo) that is distinctly ISUFST, a leading fisheries school in contemporary Philippines,” said Bernardo.

The logo highlights the flagship program of the university, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, awarded by CHED as a Center of Development, and producer of licensure examination topnotchers. The atom for an eye signifies that it is by science and research that the university will realize its vision and accomplish its mission. The circuit for scales signifies technological innovation as its mechanism for relevance, through its excellent programs in information and industrial technology, education, and management. The green leaf for a dorsal fin represents its programs for agriculture and signifies the guiding principle of sustainability and the effort to be a green campus. The blue fin is for stability and the balance between competence and character. The flame for an upper tail signifies the burning quest for knowledge as its propeller. The years 1957 and 2023 are also showcased, the former for the founding of the institution, and the latter for its conversion into a university. It departs from the usual circular logo to look more contemporary and upbeat, and to signify ISUFST’s creativity and willingness to think outside the box.