ISUFST’s Dr. Hautea: Inspiring the next generation at UI

Dr. Kharlle Joehn Hautea, the University Physician of Iloilo State University of Fisheries Science and Technology (ISUFST), recently added another accolade to his impressive career by serving as the Commencement Speaker at the University of Iloilo-Phinma’s graduation ceremony on June 13, 2024. This significant honor underscores Dr. Hautea’s remarkable journey and profound impact on the ISUFST and broader academic communities.

Dr. Hautea’s journey to becoming a university doctor is a narrative woven with diverse experiences and evolving passions. As a child, he envisioned a career in law, fueled by his success in debate teams and oratory competitions. His love for the performing arts saw him engage in theater and short films, earning accolades highlighting his creative talents.

However, a pivotal moment in high school shifted his trajectory. When his grandmother became bedridden, Hautea took on the role of primary caregiver. This experience, coupled with the encouragement from healthcare professionals, planted the seed for a future in medicine despite his initial resistance following his grandmother’s passing.

Choosing a career path was challenging, but Hautea found a unique blend of his interests at the University of Iloilo (UI). He received a 100% Theater and Film Scholarship, which allowed him to indulge his artistic passions while pursuing a nursing degree. His time at UI was marked by multifaceted involvement, from becoming the youngest artistic creative director to actively participating in student organizations, including school publication and the arts, and government bodies. These experiences culminated in an Exemplary Award for Theater and Film upon his graduation in 2011.

After practicing nursing for almost two years, Hautea’s calling led him to medicine. While studying, he continued to nurture his love for the arts, and in 2018, he passed the physician licensure exam. Given his positive college experience, his transition to academia felt natural. Seeing an opportunity at ISCOF, now ISUFST, Hautea applied for a physician position, merging his passions for healthcare and education.

At ISUFST, Dr. Hautea’s role extends beyond traditional healthcare. He manages the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, implements preventive health programs, and addresses occupational health concerns. His practice-based residency in Family and Community Medicine, coupled with his certification as an Occupational Health Physician, enables him to effectively meet the diverse needs of the university community.

Recognized as School Health Consultant 1 by the Philippine Academy of Physicians in School Health, Hautea has developed health programs that serve as models for other institutions. His initiatives have significantly reduced illness rates at ISUFST, reflecting the success of his efforts. Hautea’s commitment to a healthy school environment was further acknowledged when he was elected the first President of the Philippine Academy of Physicians in School Health Inc.

Reflecting on his time at the University of Iloilo, Hautea credits the institution with shaping his multifaceted career. UI provided a nurturing environment for his diverse interests, from theater to student leadership, which equipped him with skills that transcend academics. This holistic approach to education was instrumental in his development as a well-rounded professional.

Dr. Hautea’s selection as the Commencement Speaker for UI’s Class of 2024 is a testament to his exemplary journey. His diverse interests and involvement during his time at UI and his professional achievements made him an inspiring choice for the role. The key message of his speech focused on perseverance, adaptability, and compassion—qualities that have defined his career.

In his speech, Hautea emphasized the importance of developing a strategic mindset, recognizing that life’s complexities require more than academic achievements. He highlighted that there are no failures, only delayed successes, and stressed the importance of honoring one’s family for their support and sacrifices. He encouraged graduates to continue learning, dream big, and maintain integrity and empathy in all their endeavors.

Comparing UI and ISUFST, Hautea acknowledged the unique contributions of each institution to his growth. UI nurtured his foundational skills and broad interests, while ISUFST provided a platform for applying his healthcare and community health expertise. Both institutions, he noted, have played crucial roles in his development as a well-rounded professional.

Looking to the future, Hautea envisions ISUFST as a leading institution in higher education, focusing on holistic development, innovative research, and community engagement. He dreams of introducing health-related courses and strengthening partnerships to enhance community well-being. He also hopes ISUFST will become a cultural and artistic hub, fostering a sense of heritage among students.

The friendly and active community at ISUFST is what Hautea enjoys most about her job there. A supportive community among students, teachers, and staff fosters an inspiring atmosphere. He is inspired to implement health programs that improve lives because he understands that assisting even one student can benefit families and future generations.

Resilience and compassion are the cornerstones of his advice to ISUFST students and the community. He encourages students to respect their families’ support and to view obstacles as chances for personal development. He thanks the faculty and staff for their commitment and challenges them to encourage excellence and growth.

Hautea’s motivation is to make a difference in his personal and professional life. His core values—compassion, integrity, excellence, teamwork, and lifelong learning—direct his work and interactions. These principles drive his efforts to create a more upbeat and supportive environment within the ISUFST community to enhance its long-term well-being.

As he considered his UI full-circle moment, Hautea expressed his appreciation for the chance to motivate the upcoming class of graduates. He thanked the instructors, administrators, and former students who believed in his quest. His advice to the Class of 2024 was crystal clear: cherish your formative experiences, embrace your journeys, and show compassion and commitment to all your future pursuits.

The life of Dr. Kharlle Joehn Hautea is a tribute to the strength of fortitude, flexibility, and empathy. His transition from nursing to medicine, his involvement in academia, and his commitment to the health and welfare of the community are all prime examples of the spirit of excellence, achievement, and perseverance. His speech to the University of Iloilo-Phinma graduates uplifts the ISUFST community by reminding them of the significant influence that a single person’s commitment and service can have.

As the second ISUFST personnel to be honored as a commencement speaker at UI, following Dr. Herman Lagon in 2016, Dr. Hautea’s achievement highlights the caliber of professionals within the ISUFST community. It also serves as a source of pride and inspiration, demonstrating that ISUFST continues to nurture and produce individuals who significantly contribute to society.

This honor comes on the heels of another significant achievement for ISUFST. Earlier this month, ISUFST President Dr. Nordy Siason, Jr. was hailed for his “alkansya” and “scholarship for service” inspirational speech as the commencement speaker at West Visayas State University. Dr. Siason’s address highlighted the importance of saving and investing in education, inspiring graduates to contribute positively to society. His selection as a commencement speaker further underscores the excellence within ISUFST’s faculty portfolio.

The recognition of Dr. Hautea, Dr. Siason, and Dr. Lagon as commencement speakers at other prestigious universities speaks volumes about the caliber of professionals at ISUFST. Their invitations to address graduates at such significant events highlight the respect and admiration they command within the academic community. This clearly indicates the robust and impressive faculty portfolio that ISUFST boasts.

Furthermore, numerous ISUFST faculty members have been repeatedly invited to be commencement speakers at various private and public basic education schools. These invitations likewise reflect the faculty’s dedication to education and their ability to inspire and lead by example. The consistent recognition of ISUFST faculty members as keynote speakers in all educational levels is a testament to the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.

Nonetheless, Dr. Kharlle Joehn Hautea’s journey and achievements are a beacon of inspiration for the ISUFST community. His story reminds us of the importance of resilience, compassion, and dedication in achieving our goals and positively impacting our communities. As we celebrate his accomplishments, we are inspired to strive for excellence in our journeys, embodying the values and dedication he so passionately represents. (Herman Lagon/PAMCO)