Isuzu PHL warns public vs unauthorized sellers

IN A LEGAL notice issued by the Ortega Bacorro Odulio Calma & Carbonell law firm to major newspapers from October 14, Isuzu Philippines Corp (IPC) reiterated that Isuzu Motors Limited (IML) of Japan “is the registered owner of the trademark Isuzu and related marks worldwide and in the Philippines,” and that “IPC is the duly authorized distributor and assembler of Isuzu products in the Philippines by virtue of a valid Assembler Distributor Agreement

The notice stresses that “IML and IPC have not authorized other individuals/entities to conduct distribution, marketing, or sales activities outside of the IPC dealership network.”

The notice comes after the discovery of recent business activities involving entities offering brand-new Isuzu vehicles in the Philippines, allegedly without proper authorization.

IPC warned that “any unauthorized use or infringement of the trademark Isuzu and related marks, or adopting any confusingly similar mark, will be dealt with and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.All violators must cease and desist from conducting such unlawful acts, which include unauthorized sale, offering for sale, distribution, importation, advertising, and other preparatory steps necessary to carry out the sale of goods or services.”

Taking stock of its long-standing good reputation among Filipino buyers, IPC reiterated that itsbrand-new vehicles strictly follow specifications of IML in Japan, are fitted with genuine Isuzu parts, and comes with aftersales services.

It guarantees that only the latest components and the best care and maintenance will be given to each vehicle rolling out of the IPC-authorized dealers. The same cannot be guaranteed by IPC with respect to brand-new vehicles purchased through other channels.