Jewelry store ‘burglary’ boggles cops

By Jennifer P. Rendon

Investigation is underway on the events surrounding the alleged robbery of a jewelry stall located inside a mall in La Paz, Iloilo City.

But police investigation will not only revolve around the suspects but on the question of whether a robbery even took place.

Captain Johna Aguil, Iloilo City Police Station 2 chief, said they could not give any conclusive report about the alleged robbery that happened inside Gaisano Capital Mall.

The store employee called up ICPS2 on Saturday, April 8, two days after it closed shop for Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

“But initially, there was no forced entry, which is the most important element of robbery,” she said.

The “stolen” jewelry items were kept in a vault.

But surprisingly, the “robber” did not sweep clean the vault.

“I mean, if your plan is to rob, nga-a mapili ka pa? Tani gin-ubos mo na lang.” Aguil said.

She said that the store management also did not give any statement on the value of the jewelry they lost. They did not even present any inventory of their sales and items on hand.

Reports said that the employee who reported the incident has not made follow-ups on the case.

She only claimed that her employer has yet to give her advice.

It was gathered that the “robbed” store is owned by the same management that also reported a burglary five years ago.

The store used to rent a stall at Gaisano Department Store at the corner of Rizal and Guanco Streets, City Proper district.

On Feb. 24, 2018, they declared to have lost around P10 million worth of jewelry and P70,000 cash.