John Paul Choa’s Art Exhibit Opens at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore

John Paul “JP” Choa, the youngest and probably the first cacao artist, son of the renowned “Chocolate Queen” Raquel Choa, showcased his cacao-inspired artworks at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore in a groundbreaking solo exhibit titled “Cacao Dream: Realism Unveiled in Cebu” on October 13, 2023.

Choa’s innovative use of cacao as a painting medium wowed guests at the event, where Raquel Choa performed a live cacao transformation into a painting medium, while JP painted his drawing on site.

The event was attended by approximately 70 guests, including the Philippines Ambassador in Singapore who expressed the embassy’s commitment to promoting the works of Filipino artists in Singapore.

“As much as we can, we will use the Embassy of the Philippines as a tool to introduce JP’s and our country’s artists’ works to Singapore.” Philippines Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Medardo G. Macaraig said.

Choa’s first solo exhibit is part of The Philippine Embassy in Singapore Art Trek 15, featuring 19 Filipino artists in collaboration with four prominent Singapore galleries. Since its inception in 2007, Art Trek has celebrated the works of more than 200 Filipino artists in Singapore, forging a lasting cultural and artistic bond between the two nations.

Choa’s art exhibit was proudly presented and featured by Olal’, an art gallery and exhibition based in Singapore.

“We are super honored to be a part of the Philippines Embassy in Singapore Art Trek annual program to introduce locals in Singapore to art and culture exchange.” Joy Wei Fallenius, the managing partner of OLALA WORKS PTE. LTD. expressed.

The Mexican Ambassador to Singapore, Agustin García-López Loaeza, graced the opening, recognizing Choa’s exceptional talent. “JP is a remarkably young artist with a unique gift. I can see that he draws inspiration from his family, given his use of cacao as his artistic medium. Cacao is an integral part of their beliefs and endeavors. At 17, he has already carved out his own artistic identity.” he said.

“Mexico and the Philippines share a deep connection through our shared cacao culture; it’s like an umbilical cord connecting us,” he added.

Choa expressed his gratitude during the opening, saying, “I really appreciate everyone here because, at first, I didn’t think people liked my art, and so I tried to push this event to develop more skills.”

Choa, who humbly expressed his surprise at the event’s success, is donating a portion of his sales to support young cacao farmers in Cebu.

In an interview, Choa concluded, “I am happy to share my ‘Cacao Dream’ with the world and bring pieces of these to the heart of Singapore through our Philippine Embassy. This exhibit represents my journey as an artist, honoring my Mom’s passion and creativity, and celebrating and sharing our love for cacao and art.”

“Cacao Dream: Realism Unveiled in Cebu” by John Paul Choa will be open to the public from October 13-25, Monday to Friday, welcoming visitors from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Unit 13-14, Lobby B, 111 Somerset, Singapore.

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