Jordan high school wins interpretative dance tilt

THE third entry dance troupe of Jordan National High School excelled in the CRVS jingle interpretative dance competition conducted by the LCRO of Jordan, Guimaras during the opening ceremony of the 2019 Civil Registration Month celebration on February 1, 2019.

Second place went to Group Performer No. 1, still of Jordan NHS, while Sta. Teresa National High School won the 3rd place.

The winners received cash prizes and certificates while the non-winners received consolation prize and certificate of participation.

The contest aimed to test the level of awareness of the teenagers on the importance and value of civil registration in the lives of every Filipino, and to know how innovative are the millennial in interpreting the CRVS jingle through dance moves with drama.

Four dance troupes participated in the contest: three from Jordan National High School and one from Sta Teresa National High School, composed of 8-10 members each.

They were judged according to the following criteria: concept and interpretation (30%); choreography (20%); execution (20%); costumes and props (15%); stage presence (15%).

The following rules and guidelines were strictly implemented:

  1. Participants must be a bona fide students enrolled in the current school year in any school in Jordan either in private or public, may be all males or females or combination of both.
  2. Participating group shall interpret the CRVS jingle through a dance drama presentation
  3. Performers are allowed to use costumes and props appropriate to the performance.
  4. Narration is strictly not allowed. The competition is designed for each entry to tell a story through dancing and acting.
  5. The first place winner shall represent Jordan municipality in the battle of champions during the culminating activity.
  6. Violation of any contest rules shall mean disqualification of the contestant.

Mayor Mayor Ruben B. Corpuz of Jordan assisted by Provincial Statistics Officer Nelida Losare in awarding the winners.