Jumping Into the Spiderverse!

By Joshua Adrian Aristoza

As a commemoration for the awards that Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has garnered, I decided to make them in figure form with my custom Marvel Legends figure roster!

Most of these guys were just mods, Peni was the only full custom figure here.

My custom Peni figure is a mashup between the movie Peni Parker and the comic Peni Parker. This is built on a Marvel Legends Nico Minoru figure, with sculpted details added.

The base figure also had an extra arm that had some kind of armor on it, so it was decided to make this arm a controller of some sort for SP//dr.

I modified the hair for both Miles and Gwen, but left the faces untouched. I also sculpted and painted the AJ1 shoes on the Miles figure, so that it still retains ankle articulation. Spider-Ham was also modified with added weblines (which Hasbro conveniently forgot to put on the figure). Noir, comic-version SP//dr, and Peter Parker were left untouched.

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