K5 News FM Iloilo Celebrates Third Anniversary

K5 News FM Iloilo, formerly known as Radyo Bandera Iloilo, celebrated its third anniversary with a grand event themed “Keeping the Fire Burning Through the Years.”

The station, which began as a small digital platform, has grown into a trusted news source with affiliate stations in Calinog, Leganes, Miagao, and Passi City.

Area and station manager Rey Espeja Umalay reflected on the station’s journey and achievements in his welcome address.

“Fire represents passion, resilience, and transformation. It is the burning desire within each one of us at K5 News FM Iloilo to deliver news that matters, to uncover truth, and to ignite change,” Umalay said. “Our team has tirelessly pursued this passion, ensuring our audience receives accurate and reliable information every day.”

Since its inception with just six individuals, K5 News FM Iloilo has expanded to a team of 31 dedicated members. The station’s growth is marked by its commitment to providing accurate and reliable information daily, becoming a trusted voice in the community.

“Our programs highlight the stories of ordinary individuals who have overcome adversity, providing a platform for the community to express their sentiments and be heard,” Umalay added.

“As we celebrate our third anniversary, we reflect on our journey and the incredible milestones we have achieved. Our theme for tonight’s celebration, ‘Keeping the Fire Burning Through the Years,’ embodies our commitment to serving the Ilonggo community and beyond,” he emphasized.

K5 News FM Iloilo operates under 5K Broadcasting Network Inc., a network of 56 News-FM radio stations.

With a broadcasting power of 6,000 watts, the station recently ranked second among FM radio stations in Iloilo, according to a Kantar Media survey.

The gala night saw the attendance of notable personalities, station managers, operations managers, HR personnel, employees, and friends of K5.

Dr. Ramel Uy, CEO and President of K5 News FM Philippines, emphasized the driving force behind the station’s success.

“Passion keeps us doing what we do best, while consistency ensures the legacy of greatness,” he remarked. “Despite being in a city with notable networks, K5 News FM Iloilo has managed to climb its way to recognition through hard work and dedication. Starting as a digital station, we have grown significantly in just three years, and now supremacy in the FM band is within reach.”

Dr. Uy acknowledged the station’s team for their combined talents, skills, and efforts, highlighting the achievements of Umalay, the youngest high-ranking manager in the network. He urged everyone to stay grounded, love their work, and support their families.

The celebration included recognizing the exemplary performance of station members and awarding partners from different sectors, support groups, and stakeholders.

In March, K5 News FM Iloilo, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, conducted its first blood-letting activity, “Kampeon sa Serbisyo, Dugo para sa Kapa ko,” with over 500 donors participating. Additionally, over 500 people received aid during Dr. Uy’s birthday in May, while the station’s corporate social responsibility program, “Kampeon sa Serbisyo,” has helped over 10 families.

K5 News FM Iloilo has also made a significant impact online, becoming the most followed social media account among its other affiliated stations, with 84,400, 87,000, and 382,000 followers on various platforms.

As K5 News FM Iloilo celebrates its third anniversary, it remains committed to serving the Ilonggo community with dedication and passion, ensuring the fire of their mission continues to burn fiercely.


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