Kagawad denies killing two siblings

By Felipe V. Celino

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – A barangay kagawad denied killing two brothers in a benefit dance (binayle) at Sitio Rosario, Barangay Lantangan, Pontevedra, Capiz evening of Feb 1, 2020.

Barangay Kagawad Joseph Manican of Lantangan is accused of shooting to death brothers Felome Bangud, 42, and Melfer Bangud, 34, of Brgy. Vizcaya, President Roxas town.

Manican claimed that Felome attacked him first.

“Gin dusak ako sang screwdriver ni Felome kag nag inagaway kami samtang gin yudyud ako nila nga duha. Nakibot na gid lamang ako sang may nagnilupok kag wala ko mabal-an kun sino kag diin nag halin ang lupok,” Manican told reporters here.

He added that he had no gun during the altercation, thus it is impossible for him to gun down the Banguds.

“Wala ako kahilabtanan sa ila kamatayon kag tani mag usisa man ang pamilya ka mga biktima para, mahibaluan kung sino ang nagpalupok,” he said.

Felome died on the spot while Melfer expired while being treated in a hospital here. But before he died, Melfer allegedly told the police that Manican shot them.

Manican was immediately arrested by police but he was released as no charges were filed against him after the reglementary detention period lapsed.

Police Major Christopher Candelario, Pontevedra police chief, said the homicide case was not immediately filed against Manican for lack of documents to support the inquest case.

But Candelario assured that they will still file the case soon.

Kagawad Ronald Valois of Lantangan said that before the incident happened, Melfer approached him and asked that he will “take care” of Manican. But Valois said he told Melfer to leave Manican alone.

A few minutes later, he saw Melfer approaching Manican and stab the latter with a screwdriver. He then saw Felome with a bolo also approaching Manican.

A commotion happened followed by gunfire bursts, causing the people inside the dance hall to scamper for safety.

Valois said he could not exactly pinpoint if Manican shot the Banguds as he did not see his fellow kagawad holding a firearm.

Police have yet to establish the motive for the incident.