Kai Sotto re-signs with Hiroshima for the 2023-2024 Japan B. League season     

Kai Sotto was already guaranteed a fresh contract by Hiroshima (ONE Sports photo)

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Filipino hoops sensation Kai Sotto will be staying in the Japan B. League after the Hiroshima Dragonflies offered him a contract extension confirmed last May 23, 2023.

After a decent debut season with the Dragonflies, Sotto will be looking to help the squad improve in the next season and will still be one of their main anchors underneath.

Sotto had several breakout games despite only playing in the midseason and registered a consistent streak of double-double performances several months ago.

Hiroshima also gave him a special clause in his contract which states that if the Filipino star will be able to make it into the NBA after the summer, the Dragonflies will be withdrawing his terms and will give him the freedom to play in the US.

“So if he signs with an NBA team this summer, there is a possibility that his contract with Hiroshima will be canceled,” said Dragonflies general manager Shuji Okazaki.

Sotto reiterated that his main goal is to still play in the NBA and will be testing the waters again this year after failing to make the cut last NBA Rookie Draft.

The seven-foot-three young center is set to fly to the US this summer and will resume his overseas training while also hoping to play in the upcoming NBA Summer League.

“The NBA is my biggest dream, so this summer I plan to go to the United States for training and the Summer League. I will continue to challenge myself,” said Sotto.

If Sotto will still fail in entering the NBA, Hiroshima will eventually activate his contract and play the entire 2023-2024 season.

“I am so grateful to the club for giving me this opportunity and I am happy to have the chance to play in Japan next season,” Sotto added.