Keiko Necesario opens up about overcoming challenges in married life on ‘Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari’

Filipino indie singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario finds renewed strength in love and spirituality amidst unjust social conditions on her new single “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari.”

The irresistible pop-rock confessional shows Keiko’s resilience and vulnerability in disarmingly bold ways as she chronicles her story of overcoming a challenging season in her married life—thanks to God and her husband, who never left her side during a tumultuous ordeal.

According to Keiko, she penned the track at a time when she and her partner struggled to make ends meet while reflecting on what truly matters for her and between them.

“Last year, it came to a point when we only had 700 pesos in our bank account, and we had to figure out what to do because there were bills to pay and other things to think about,” shares the multi-talented solo artist. “During that difficult time, we chose to have faith because we knew and believed that seasons come and go. God was, and is our provider, so because of that whole experience, I got to write and finish the song.”

Keiko Necessario wrote and co-produced the song, with her bassist Charles Bautista assisting with the overall production. Capturing a pivotal change in both her sound and sonic perspective, Keiko delivers a sterling earworm that isn’t afraid to share a piece of her with the public, no matter how imperfect and devoid it is of rosy disposition. This time around, she wants to celebrate her newfound courage through a track that sees optimism and joy even in the darkest of situations.

With its pulsating guitar riffs, melodic arrangements, and charismatic songwriting, “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” brings music fans to the glory days of late ‘90s and early 2000s OPM alternative rock where female-fronted bands ruled the airwaves. Made more exciting with her newfound chops and contemporary acoustic leanings, Keiko turns nostalgic pieces into fodder for inspiration and finds new ways to make them her own.

The indie folk/pop recording artist reveals, “The process was just so much fun because I honestly love spending time in the studio and getting lost in choosing the right elements for a new song. Working with Charles as a co-producer is a refreshing kind of experience because he’s so excellent, and what I love about working with him is that he’s always present and focused. I already told him this and even mentioned it to my husband: that I appreciate Charles’ work ethic because, as busy as he is with other musicians and other things in his life, when you work with him, it’s as if he’s not doing anything else.”