Laborer killed in wake shooting

By: Jennifer P. Rendon 

A misunderstanding over a game of cards triggered a shooting incident that killed a laborer late evening of July 28, 2019 in Dumangas, Iloilo.

Police identified the victim as Rhodelyn Doloritos, Jr., 36, of Barangay Sapao, Dumangas.

Doloritos was believed to have instantly died after he was repeatedly shot at a wake in Barangay Calao, a village adjacent to Sapao.

Police Corporal Terence Soria, Dumangas police investigator, said Doloritos suffered at least seven gunshot injuries.

The victim was with a group of Sapao residents when they paid their respects to a relative’s funeral wake.

Some of them, including Doloritos, later played cards.

The victim and his fellow gamblers were allegedly drunk.

Soria said a misunderstanding later ensued with another player but it was eventually settled.

With the tension still on, Doloritos and his neighbors decided to go home.

They had just boarded their motorcycle when the two suspects allegedly blocked their way.

One of them, the man whom Doloritos argued with, again confronted him. They again argued until the man drew a handgun and peppered the victim with bullets.

Doloritos’ companions scampered to safety.

On the other hand, his close friend, Chris Drilon, was not shot but was pistol whipped.

The gunman and his companion then fled after the incident.

Soria declined to identify the suspects, who are both residents of Calao village, as the manhunt operation is still going on.