Mambukal resort’s unaccounted cash advances down to P3M from P30M

Capitol PIO photo

By Dolly Yasa

BACOLOD CITY – Provincial Legal Officer Atty. Alberto Nellas confirmed that the questioned unliquidated cash advances of the former head of the Mambukal Summer Resort and five other personnel had reached P30 million but have since been reduced to P3 million.

Nellas told reporters on Wednesday that Provincial Tourism Officer Cheryl Decena and five other resort personnel have submitted documents liquidating the said cash advance, but P3 million remains unliquidated.

He noted that the collection was only P5 million compared to the P30 million in cash advances.

The Mambukal Summer Resort is owned and operated by the provincial government under its Economic Enterprise Department and was headed by Decena when the cash advances were made.

Nellas said that on May 14, 2024, the Provincial Legal Office issued a show cause order against Decena and five disbursing officers.

Nellas further explained that the show cause order was issued because “we found irregularities in their cash advances.”

“Their expenses were significantly higher than their income.”

Nellas emphasized that the resort, as part of the province’s economic enterprise, should be earning.

He said that they are still in the investigation stage, reviewing the liquidation documents submitted by Decena and the five disbursing officers.

“There is still a discrepancy of P3 million,” Nellas said.

He noted that Decena is accountable for command responsibility as she reportedly authorized the cash advances.

Nellas said that last year they observed that the collection was very low.

“We noticed it last year,” Nellas said, explaining why they started the investigation.

He added that they observed a significant discrepancy between expenses and collection.

Decena, who was appointed as Provincial Tourism Officer, has been replaced by Shiela Fuentes.

Nellas said they will finish their investigation report this week and provide their recommendation.