Maya Bank, WeFund launch P2.75B loan partnership

Maya Bank, a leading digital banking institution in the Philippines, has teamed up with WeFund Lending Corporation through Lightning Financing Company to establish a P2.75 billion loan channeling deal aimed at expanding financial services access for underserved communities.

The partnership between Maya Bank and WeFund is set to provide immediate capital to creditworthy Filipinos, promoting responsible borrowing and financial empowerment. This collaboration is seen as a significant step towards bridging the economic divide by offering essential credit lines to underserved communities, ultimately fostering financial independence.

Maya Bank, known for its innovative digital financial services, is dedicated to transforming the economic landscape for Filipino consumers and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). The loan channeling initiative with WeFund aligns with Maya Bank’s mission to increase credit accessibility for unbanked populations in the Philippines.

“We are proud to work with WeFund, and this initiative is a powerful step in getting more Filipinos banked through digital technology,” said Angelo Madrid, President of Maya Bank. “This joint effort significantly expands the financial options available, helping to also promote better financial health, especially among the unbanked and underserved.”

WeFund operates the JuanHand online lending platform, which has already disbursed over P21 billion in loans and boasts a user base of over 7 million registered individuals. JuanHand is committed to providing immediate assistance by approving and disbursing loans in less than 5 minutes. The platform is known for its fair interest rates, stringent regulatory compliance, polite customer service, and user-friendly interface, making it a trusted option for tech-driven financial solutions.

“We are honored to partner with Maya Bank, a company known for innovation and a pioneer in our country’s digital banking industry,” said Francisco ‘Coco Mauricio, President and CEO of JuanHand. “The collaboration enables us to positively impact the lives of millions of Pinoys who are underserved yet creditworthy. Having access to much-needed financial services is the start of financial empowerment and long-term success. Responsible borrowing will always be a tool for good, and we’re proud to have Maya Bank support us in this noble endeavor.”