Mayor Joe III wins Arevalo

ILOILO City Mayor Jose Espinosa III is on a roll as more than 5,000 people joined Team Arangka’s rally in Arevalo district on Thursday.

Supporters said they attended the rally out of love and admiration for Espinosa and his leadership.

Team Arangka continues to gather overwhelming support from Ilonggos as they completed their district sorties.

Those who came in droves stayed until the rally was over to demonstrate their strong support for Espinosa and Team Arangka.

The supporters said they have seen a father figure in Espinosa who is always caring and looking after the welfare of the Ilonggos.

For one, Espinosa surprised Ilonggo child singer Rock Opong with a birthday cake. The simple yet meaningful act moved the crowd and Opong, a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Espinosa has all the best characteristics expected of a father of the city. He comes clean without any graft case in his long years in politics, an exemplar of the time-honored adage that “public office is a public trust.”

“The warm response of residents is a testament of trust and confidence to my leadership, administration and good governance. Let us work together to bring projects and services closer to constituents. These are not just lip service but inclusive or being felt by the people,” Espinosa stressed.

Espinosa asked Ilonggos to help him pursue the programs, projects and services that directly benefit the people.

In just a span of two years, Espinosa spearheaded initiatives that made an impact on society.

For one, tens of thousands of individuals, especially indigents, senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities, benefited from Pag-ulikid or Care Outreach Program that brings medical, dental, wheelchairs, discount IDs and booklets, and processing of birth and marriage certificates, among other services to people in the barangays.

Espinosa’s style of public service of providing easier access to services and opportunities has been well-received in the grassroots level.

People find it convenient to avail of services in the barangays instead of going to the City Hall.

Espinosa thanked all personalities from all walks of life who endorsed his candidacy and plans to continue serving the Ilonggos through transparent, participatory, and inclusive governance.

The mayor also vowed to pursue the city’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, which gained recognition from the Office of the President in 2018.

Espinosa also assured business leaders that he will foster socio-economic progress for locals and visitors alike by making the metropolis livable, safe, and peaceful.