Moral and Human Values

By Klaus Döring

Moral values are for self-development and self-discipline whereas Human values are about how we treat others in society. Moral values can be taught whereas Human values are inherited values and are intact in all of us. Non- Violence: means respect for life and recognition of rights of others.

In these eventful times with shouting for peace all around the globe but also with “lust after war”, with corrupt politicians and terrorism attacks against innocents and with cries for justice, it is very easy to forget moral and human values. People, don’t let this happen!

Allow me to ask you a question: “What makes a modern person?” Technology and knowledge for sure? If not, we couldn’t operate with our computers or other things. Skills, of course, belong to it. But more important are attitudes and values, and our readiness for new ways of reacting, feeling and looking for things.

I am afraid that we have to look first into ourselves. Many of us can notice our group feeling besides terrible egoism many times. We care so much for the good of our own families and ourselves by making great sacrifices even for a long time. Charity starts and ends mostly at home. Why are we not able to develop fidelity that expands into a wider field of action so that we can go beyond the limits of our unsocial system and reach others around us?

We are becoming weaker and weaker when we lack punctuality, honesty, and task responsibility. We have to improve as human persons with national pride, discipline, and consistency, because skills and knowledge or technology are not enough. We have to avoid too much subjective comments, sensitivity and being fancy and conceited of ourselves. If a nation like the Philippines is still rich in natural resources and intelligent, highly creative people, these people should prevent criticism from know-it-all’s such as insufficiency, imbalance, or inequality.

Moral and human values can only grow if we are willing to undergo renewal of will, mind and heart. Let us give moral and human values a try. It could do great things to alleviate economic life, to save us all from imminent spiritual degradation and to allow us to live in peace and harmony.

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