MORE fingerlings released to Iloilo River

By John Noel Herrera

MORE Power and the Iloilo City Agricultural Office recently released 1,095 fish fingerlings into the Iloilo River, marking the third time the project has been conducted as part of their commitment to food sustainability and the protection of the river.

The initiative is one of MORE Power’s core values for environmental preservation, and it aligns with the city’s sustainability program. The event was also held as part of the company’s third year of commercial operations after getting its congressional franchise a year before.

Fifteen years ago, the river was considered polluted due to the waste discharged by locals.

However, with the various initiatives of former Senator Franklin Drilon and Mayor Jerry Treñas, it has transformed into a centerpiece of eco-tourism in the area.

According to Niel V. Parcon, Vice President of Corporate Planning and Regulatory at MORE Power, the river is now part of the city’s sustainability program, and the company is committed to being part of that initiative.

The number of fish fingerlings released by the company represents the number of days it has been serving Iloilo City as an electric and power distribution utility.

OIC of the City Agricultural Office, Mr. Iñigo Garingalao, stated that the fish is a symbol of life, happiness, devotion, change, fertility, balance, stability, and tranquility, which all go hand in hand with the city’s sustainability needs, food security, and livelihood projects.

Over the next four years, MORE Power has promised to continue providing services and traditions to maintain the beauty of Iloilo.

Through this initiative, MORE Power and the City Agricultural Office hope to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and preserving the local ecosystem.

The project showcases the company’s dedication to environmental protection, and it serves as an example for other organizations to follow.