MORE Power app to enhance customer experience

MORE Electric and Power Corporation (MORE Power) has unveiled its latest innovation, the MORE PowerUP mobile application, designed to provide customers with enhanced control and convenience in managing their electricity needs. The app is now available for download on both Apple and Google Play stores.

At the core of MORE PowerUP is a commitment to customer-centric innovation, aimed at addressing the evolving needs and preferences of MORE Power’s customers. The platform is a testament to the company’s dedication to making essential services more accessible and efficient.

Key Features of MORE PowerUP:

Real-Time Billing Information: Customers can access their electricity bills in real-time, allowing them to stay informed about their usage and payment deadlines.

Easy Payments: The app provides multiple payment options, enabling users to pay their bills directly through the app, thereby simplifying the payment process.

Service Requests: Users can request services such as reconnections, disconnections, and repairs with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

Outage Notifications: The app keeps customers informed about scheduled maintenance and unexpected outages, ensuring they are always in the loop.

Power Advisories: Receive notifications for any power advisories and important announcements from MORE Power.

“This approach is rooted in our mission to make the customer experience easy and convenient,” said Maricris Cabalhin, Vice President for Customer Care.

“By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of customer needs, MORE Power is poised to redefine the way customers interact with their electricity services, delivering a seamless and empowering experience that truly brings MORE to life.”

Roel Z. Castro, President and CEO of MORE Power, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch. “At MORE Power, we’re all about making it easier for you. We’ve built on this foundation to create experiences that make a real difference in the lives of our customers. We’re glad to announce that customers can now experience convenience at its full potential! Today, we’re giving you the first access to experience an easy life with MORE PowerUP!”

The launch of MORE PowerUP aligns with MORE Power’s mission to enhance the customer experience and improve operational efficiency and data security. This initiative ensures that customers have #EasYes access to bills, payments, and critical information, thereby simplifying their interactions with MORE Power.