More than 10 WV cops under monitoring for alleged misdeeds

(PRO-6 photo)

By Jennifer P. Rendon  

Counterintelligence measures are underway to ascertain the involvement of more than 10 police officers in various criminal activities.

Brigadier General Leo Francisco, Western Visayas police chief, said they have come up with the number based on confidential information sent through different police hotlines.

“There are senders accusing this policeman of being involved in illegal drugs. Others say that this cop is into tupada (illegal cockfight),” Francisco said.

There are even complaints about police being relatives of illegal drug personalities.

None, however, was implicated in reselling of shabu or those labeled as “ninja cops.”

“But so far, there hasn’t been any validated information relating to their involvement,” Francisco said.

Still, the region’s top cop said they would conduct counterintelligence works to further ascertain the veracity of the reports.

“We need to gather evidence and testimonies for us to be able to build up a case. And that’s something that we do,” he said.

Francisco was asked about some police officers’ links to illegal activities as an offshoot of claims of coverup in the investigation against Master Sergeant Rodolfo Mayo Jr.

Mayo was apprehended during a Tondo, Manila anti-drug raid wherein 990 kg or P6.7 billion worth of shabu was confiscated from him.

Francisco said he couldn’t comment on the case because it’s under investigation.

But on his turf, “since Day 1 that I assumed post, I emphasized that we have procedures, policies, and orders that we have to strictly follow,” he said.

Francisco said he wouldn’t allow anyone to venture into such kind of activities.

“That’s why, we never cease to conduct counterintelligence work,” he said.

Francisco added this is on top of the regular and surprise drug tests and other measures.