We both have our own cars. Lcid has a Mitsubishi Lancer EX named Trisha. Lawrence has a Honda Civic RS Turbo he hasn’t named because he doesn’t believe in naming inanimate objects. When it comes to car care and maintenance, no shop or entity is really top of mind. That’s why we were excited to hear the news that Motech is opening its newest branch in Iloilo City.

Motech is the fastest growing Auto Service chain in the country with over 64 stores (Motech Iloilo being the 64th) servicing over 264,000 clients.

With its highly-qualified staff, customers are assured that their cars are treated with top-notch quality and state of the art auto repair service. All this while you comfortably lounge around in their waiting area. Motech also provides one of a kind service: your own personal secretary. Motech will be the ones to remind you for periodic maintenance of your cars. Forgetting to change oil (as some are wont to do) will no longer be an issue as Motech will gladly send you reminders.

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Visit Motech Iloilo at Benigno Aquino Ave. Diversion Road, Brgy. Dungon B, Jaro, Iloilo City.

Finally, Trisha and Lawrence’s white Honda Civic RS Turbo have a home! (See why you should name your car)