MYANMAR OPENER: Kaya FC-Iloilo hungry to show new-look squad and style

Kaya FC-Iloilo head coach Oliver Colina (second from left) and Captain Jovin Bedic (third from left ) in a press conference in Myanmar. (Photo from

Kaya FC–Iloilo are eager to begin their 2020 season today, Feb 12, 2020 as they take on Myanmar champions Shan United at the Thuwunna Stadium.

With the Shan Warriors already five games into their domestic season, the Iloilo side are well aware that fitness levels will likely favor the home team.

Regardless, new head coach Oliver Colina believes his side are not lacking in confidence or ability to snatch victory away from home.

“Shan United is a tough team here, with a lot of good players. I believe last year they didn’t lose a match,” said Colina. “For us this is our first game. Shan United will likely have the edge, but we’ll do our best to fight, challenge for everything, and hopefully get an away win.”

“We’ve been preparing for almost five weeks. We’re very hungry right now [to play our first game],” he added.

With five new players, a revamped coaching staff, and a changed style of playing, the offseason has been a busy one for Kaya FC-Iloilo. Captain Jovin Bedic is eager to show what the team has been working on against Myanmar’s finest.

“Our opponent tomorrow were twice champions in the last three years. They’re very strong. But we have a new system, new players and coaches. Tomorrow will be a good matchup for us as they’re the strongest team in this country. We’re looking forward to a good match tomorrow,” he said.

Shan are no strangers to Philippine opposition, as they’ve faced Ceres Negros on numerous occasions over the last three years. While the Busmen have proven a test too difficult in recent times, Burmese head coach Aung Naing believes Kaya will be different.

“Ceres Negros is at a slightly higher level than Shan United, but Kaya are a different team. We will try our best to put in a good performance, and get a good result,” he said before revealing there would be some absences to his side. “Our striker and few key players are injured, so we’ll give chance for our younger players to play.”

Today’s match kicks off at 5 p.m., Philippine time, and will be aired live over Fox Sports 2.