New seawall protects San Carlos from flooding

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has completed a critical infrastructure project aimed at safeguarding the coastal community of Barangay 6 in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

The newly built concrete seawall, funded under the FY 2023 General Appropriations Act (GAA), promises enhanced protection for hundreds of families and properties from the threat of flooding and seawater overflow.

DPWH Region 6 Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel emphasized the necessity of the flood control structure, highlighting the coastal area’s vulnerability to natural disasters.

“This structure serves as a wave deflector, protecting the slope from erosion, and minimizing the impact of water current that may possibly damage lives, properties, and livelihood of the people in the area,” Oropel stated.

He further elaborated on the economic benefits, noting, “This structure will further protect local business and sources of income to include fishing ports, ensuring the continuous flow of local trade, allowing more opportunities towards local economic development.”

The project, detailed by OIC-District Engineer Juan Alfonso G. Jorbina, Sr., involved a ₱20 million investment for constructing a 100-meter concrete slope protection structure on a steel sheet pile and a 210-meter wave deflector.

Jorbina described the seawall as “a tangible edifice that could protect the lives and properties of the people from the possible threat of catastrophe and unwanted circumstances such as flooding, water overflows, and erosion that may be brought about by typhoons, storm surges, and high tide.”

Additionally, the project included essential earthworks such as shoring, cribbing and drain excavation, coffer damming, and reinforcement steel for the proposed bridge construction. This comprehensive approach aims to bolster the community’s resilience against natural disasters.

The DPWH continues to prioritize disaster risk reduction projects across the region, reinforcing its commitment to protecting communities and ensuring public safety. As the engineering arm of the government, DPWH’s efforts are crucial in mitigating the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events, particularly in vulnerable coastal areas.

This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance infrastructure in Negros Occidental. The DPWH is also focused on improving transportation links, exemplified by the widened Kabankalan-Bais Road and paved Kabankalan-Bayawan Boundary Road, which facilitate better transportation and economic activities in the region.

Through these projects, DPWH not only aims to safeguard communities but also to foster economic growth by ensuring the continuity of local trade and improving access to essential services.

The concrete seawall in San Carlos City stands as a testament to these ongoing efforts, providing a necessary shield against the forces of nature while promoting the well-being and prosperity of the community. (DPWH-6)


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