NGCP, SIERDC sign of 440MW solar deal

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. witnessed the signing of a significant connection agreement between the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) and San Ignacio Energy Resources Development Corporation (SIERDC) for the development of a 440-megawatt Isabela Ground Mounted Solar PV Project.

The P18-billion project, set to be established in Ilagan City, aims to generate approximately 700 gigawatt hours annually by 2028 and provide employment for 4,000 workers.

NGCP President and CEO Anthony Almeda emphasized the importance of synergy within the energy sector during the signing ceremony.

“There are three main participants in the energy industry, and all of us are connected: the generators who generate and supply power, the transmission service provider, that’s us, NGCP, we bring the generators to the third link, the distribution utilities and cooperatives who convert this power and deliver it in usable form to end consumers,” Almeda stated. He added, “We are all part of the energy supply chain, and all of us must be connected in harmonious synergy to achieve power stability and resiliency.”

President Marcos praised the project, noting its potential to transform the energy landscape in Isabela and strengthen the national grid.

“The collaboration that we have formalized today is key to achieving our renewable energy goals and to ensuring a stable power supply for all Filipinos, not just for today but for the future. Having more initiatives like this project will be a catalyst for our country’s positive transformation,” the President said.

Almeda highlighted that NGCP’s cooperation with SIERDC marks a milestone in maximizing energy infrastructure and ensuring consumers receive the full potential of resources.

“We assure our stakeholders of our continued commitment to improve, upgrade, expand, and reinforce the Philippine power grid,” he added.

Almeda reiterated NGCP’s readiness to accommodate and transmit all available power to the grid, welcoming new energy sources to address the increasing demand for power and ensuring reliability and quality in transmission.

NGCP has been proactive in strengthening the country’s transmission network, recently energizing three major projects across the main island grids.

Since taking over the transmission system’s operations and maintenance in 2009, NGCP has completed 98 projects, facilitating the entry of 12,100 MW of additional power. Incoming projects are expected to accommodate another 7,600 MW by 2028.