‘No gambling in carnivals’ – Aliño

Photo Courtesy of Sunstar Bacolod/Facebook

By Glazyl Y. Masculino

BACOLOD City – Colonel Noel Aliño, director of Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) issued a warning that gambling in carnivals is prohibited.

“Subukan nila ako at papalakulin ko sa harap nila. Gigibain ko iyan,” Aliño said, as he urged the public to report to him in case they have information about the existence of illegal gambling in carnivals here.

Aliño clarified that amusement rides and funfair games are allowed, except for games that involve bet money.

“Allowed ang perya, huwag lang samahan ng sugal. Bawal iyon doon,” he stressed.

Aliño said that there’s a possibility that amusement rides or other games may be used by some persons to entice carnival-goers to engage in illegal gambling.

“Iba na kasi ngayon. Minsan kasi front lang iyong amusement rides, pero nasa loob pala ang sugalan,” he said.

Aliño said that this is part of their all out war against illegal gambling here. “Dapat zero sa gambling, zero din sa drugs. Kakambal po kasi palagi iyan. Hangga’t maaari huhulihin talaga iyan,” he added.

Aliño warned all 10 police stations here to ensure that there will be no gambling in their respective areas.

“Winawarningan ko kayo, papalitan ko kayo. It’s time na itigil ito kung gusto natin na maayos ang Bacolod. Lahat mag participate and cooperate,” he said.