Novak Djokovic dominates Czech foe in Wimbledon opener

Novak Djokovic passed his first test in the 2024 Wimbledon (

By Leobert Julian A. de la Peña

Novak Djokovic pulled off an emphatic lopsided victory after sweeping Vit Kopriva- 6.1, 6.2, 6.2- to advance to the second round of the ongoing Wimbledon tennis event on July 2, 2024, held in London, England.

Now all the questions and doubts were quickly answered.

After an unsure campaign heading into the Grand Slam event due to a newly operated knee to fix his torn meniscus, almost everyone counted out Djokovic’s participation in the most prestigious grass surface tournament of the sport.

However, with only two days left before the main draw kicks off, Djokovic once again became the talk of the town when his name was included in the tournament proper schedule.

To everybody’s surprise, Djokovic walked inside the center court of the All England Club and confirmed his appearance in the 2024 Wimbledon competition.

Djokovic immediately shrugged off his injury woes after pummeling the Czech challenger from the get-go, moving at full speed which became a sigh of relief for his training camp members.

The Serbian superstar arrived in London a week ago and spent most of his time training and feeling out that injured knee. With the fire inside to extend his record for the most Grand Slams won by a male in the sport, Djokovic thought that skipping Wimbledon couldn’t happen in his hunt for greatness.

It was the same versatile Djokovic that everyone saw against Kopriva as his court mastery and shot selection made it hard for the challenger to gain any momentum in the match.

Djokovic held all of his service possessions and cruised to a perfect percentage with his serving game. Meanwhile, Kopriva dropped six of his serves which allowed the Serbian to pile up the points midway through the match.

Despite any adjustment that the Czech deployed to slow down Djokovic, the more experienced star just rose to the occasion and capped off the win with an impressive 11-point score streak.

With the victory, Djokovic will next be facing Jacob Fearnley in the second round of the Wimbledon tournament today.


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