On things that had to happen

Thoughts and Lessons from the Everyday by Kevinn Chan

Do you sometimes get these flashbacks to pivotal moments in your past – a big decision, a failure, a close call, and you realize how different your life would have turned out had those moments not have taken place?

Think of where you are now. What led you here? You read a certain book that made you want to start a hobby. You met this friend who refers you to a job after years of minimal contact. You dropped out of school. You traveled to another country. You lost someone. You found yourself.

You’re relieved. You’re disappointed. You’re frustrated. You’re grateful.

Most times, I can’t help but think, there’s something at work here, behind the scenes. Kairos, as they say. Something we can only understand when we connect the dots looking back. But on other days, I’m convinced that it’s all random and meaningless.

And then I get the chills. I think of the possible alternatives.

What if?

Many, many different possibilities. This is a futile mental exercise, of course; those alternate realities have never existed. But given a few decision changes here and there, setting off a domino effect, they very well could have. But then again, it doesn’t mean that they should have.