OVERCOMING ADVERSITY: Tortosa resumes JPGT finals hunt at Riviera

Growing up in Santa Barbara, Iloilo, Necky Tortosa found herself naturally gravitating towards golf. It’s no surprise, given that her hometown is home to the country’s first golf club and the oldest existing golf course in Southeast Asia.

Unlike many of her peers who might have chosen football, Tortosa fell in love with golf from a young age.

What sets Tortosa apart from other golfers is not just her passion for the game but her remarkable story of overcoming a significant physical challenge.

Born with only one arm, Tortosa has never let this handicap deter her from pursuing her love for golf. Instead, she embraced the sport with unwavering determination, competing fiercely against able-bodied golfers.

A senior at Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School, Tortosa’s journey is one of resilience and inspiration. She has expressed her determination and excitement about participating in the Junior Philippine Golf Tour, aiming to earn a spot in the national Match Play finals.

“I really wanted to play golf. Kahit ganito ako, kaya ko pa din maglaro. I was really excited when I learned that the JPGT will hold a tournament in Iloilo. So, I trained and practiced hard,” said Tortosa.

Her hard work paid off as she set a strong pace in the early stages of the 72-hole tournament in Iloilo, igniting hopes for a heartwarming success story.

However, her friend and fellow Santa Barbara native, Rhiena Sinfuego, eventually took control midway through the day, securing the win.

Despite this, Tortosa’s runner-up finish in the girls’ 16-18 category did not go unnoticed, showcasing her guts, determination, and resolve.

Tortosa also achieved notable placements in other competitions, finishing fourth in the Visayas Series 2 in Murcia, Binitin, and posting another runner-up finish in Negros Occidental.

Although she yielded the two Match Play slots to Dominique Gotiong and Sinfuego, Tortosa remains resolute in her pursuit of competing in the national finals.

Supported by well-meaning sponsors, she has registered for the Luzon Series 4, set to begin tomorrow at the Riviera Golf and Country Club in Silang, Cavite.

“Tortosa’s journey is not just about her skill on the golf course; it is a testament to her character and spirit,” said a supporter. “Her faith in God and belief in herself have propelled her to achieve remarkable feats, inspiring many along the way.”

Her story serves as a powerful reminder that true strength lies in the heart and mind.

Tortosa’s unwavering commitment to her passion, despite the odds, makes her not only a remarkable athlete but also an inspirational figure in the world of sports.


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