Patient holds girl hostage inside hospital

By Felipe V. Celino

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – A 25-year-old male patient was arrested by police after he held hostage a 16-year-old girl inside Bailan District Hospital in Pontevedra, Capiz Monday.

Rodulfo Posadas of Barangay Tico Panay, Capiz was released Wednesday after two days of detention at the Pontevedra police station.

Major Syril Punzalan, Pontevedra PNP chief, said Posadas was confined in the hospital for three days because of pneumonia.

Punzalan said the suspect suddenly stood up, went to the comfort room, and broke the tiles. The suspect then used a broken tile piece to hold hostage a girl who was looking after another patient.

Posadas managed to get out of the hospital by using the girl as a hostage until they reached Crossing Bailan where police collared him.

The suspect demanded the hospital management allow him to get out claiming somebody is running after his life.

According to Posadas’s mother, her son had not been eating in the past few days and appeared to not be in a proper state of mind.