Paved road transforms access in Guimaras town

Concrete road undertaken by DPWH, providing access to the far-flung communities in Sitio Bongol, Barangay Tacay in Buenavista, Guimaras.  (Photo by DPWH-Guimaras DEO)

Residents and visitors of Sitio Bongol in Barangay Tacay, Buenavista, Guimaras can now travel more easily thanks to a newly constructed concrete road delivered by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

The project, undertaken by the DPWH Guimaras District Engineering Office, has significantly improved mobility in the area. The concrete road promises faster and cost-efficient transportation of farm products to markets, benefiting local farmers.

DPWH Regional Director Sanny Boy O. Oropel emphasized the project’s importance.

“Through this project, residents will no longer have to suffer the difficulties and inconveniences of traversing an unpaved road especially during rainy season,” Oropel said.

“The paved road will also ease the burden of farmers in terms of transport and delivery of their products with improved road capacity allowing heavy-loaded trucks to enter the area,” he added.

District Engineer Randolfo A. Melosantos highlighted the road’s impact on safety and convenience.

“The concrete road provides access to far-flung communities in Sitio Bongol, offering residents with a faster and safer transportation access to town proper. Likewise, the improved road will aid the government in the delivery of basic programs and services even to the remote areas,” Melosantos said.

The ₱6-million project includes an 852-lane meter long, 4-meter wide, 2-lane Portland Concrete Cement Pavement (PCCP) road and a 68-meter long, 1.38-meter wide trapezoidal lined canal.

The infrastructure development aligns with DPWH’s mandate to enhance access to essential services such as health, education, and social services in remote areas of the province.

The new road not only benefits residents and farmers but also boosts tourism by providing easier access to far-flung communities.

The DPWH continues to ensure that roads leading to remote areas and tourist destinations are constructed or improved to enhance the lives of every Filipino. (DPWH)


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