PhilSys Registration in Region 6 surpasses 6.3-million mark as PSA Expands Outreach

PhilSys Colocation inside the CRS Outlet in PSA Negros Occidental

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-Regional Statistical Services Office VI is committed to extending the reach of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) to every corner of Region 6, ensuring that Filipinos from all walks of life are included in this essential program.

As of October 1, 2023, a total of 6,313,792 registrations have been recorded in Region 6, covering an impressive 88.01 percent of the total population aged 5 years old and over.

In Aklan, 497,630 individuals have been registered, representing 89.46 percent of the population in this age group.

Antique reported 478,049 registrations to reach 86.99 percent of the population aged 5 years old and over.

Capiz follows closely with 626,305 registrations recorded, encompassing 85.80 percent of the population in this category.

Guimaras reported 147,275 individuals were registered, achieving a commendable 86.72 percent coverage.

In Iloilo, an impressive 2,032,909 residents have been registered, representing 89.48 percent of the population aged 5 years old and over.

Meanwhile, Negros Occidental reports a total of 2,531,624 registrations processed, covering 87.41 percent of the population in this age group.

These figures illustrate the progress made in registering Filipinos in Region 6, reflecting the PSA’s commitment to ensuring that every eligible Filipino benefits from the PhilSys, a critical tool for efficient public service delivery.

To further fast-track the registration and ensure complete coverage of all individuals to the PhilSys, PSA 6 has implemented various strategic initiatives.

One is the establishment of PhilSys co-location sites has been set up in all Civil Registration System (CRS) outlets, providing convenient access for registration.

The “PhilSys on Wheels” initiative mobilizes registration teams equipped with necessary tools to reach geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas (GIDA), making registration accessible to all Filipinos.

Registration services were also made available at domestic and international ports and airports, ensuring that travelers as well as Overseas Filipinos have an opportunity to register.

The PSA is also continuing its collaborations with schools to streamline the registration process for students.

Another initiative is the active participation in job fairs, caravans, and other Local Government Units’ activities ensures widespread outreach.

Moreover, efforts have been intensified via mall-based registrations with PhilSys personnel actively engaging mallgoers and tenants to register.

The PSA remains steadfast in its mission to register all eligible Filipinos and issue PhilID cards, contributing to a more efficient and accessible government service delivery system.