Plot against the Yanson 4

By: Modesto P. Sa-onoy

The feud within the family of the late Ricardo Yanson is going from bad to worse. The legal and moral issues are clear but the members of the family refuse to settle their conflict in court or by mediation from the family friends or the Church. I thought the hiatus during the last few weeks was time for “healing” but that did not happen. The wounds are indeed deep.

New battle lines are emerging. The war among the family members is not just for the control of the huge transportation company but also against each other, to do the greater harm.

The information shared to me from the internet indicates that the Yanson 3 are alleged to physically eliminate the Yanson 4. It is dreadful but the information is from a highly credible source. The FB account “Sleeping Truth” came out last Friday but I got only the first part. The writer said there is a continuation.

Perhaps by the time this column on this subject comes out the write up shall have been completed.

The article was allegedly written by one of the Yanson 4, but the name is not revealed. I have not read any of their written articles so I cannot assess the style. Nevertheless, that is not important. The contents are and since this piece appeared in the FB account that carried the thinking of the Yanson 4, then its authorship is one or all of them.

The presentation rambles at some points, so I will just give the facts without its emotional aspects. For my purpose, I invite any of the Yanson 3 to respond or give their side considering the seriousness of the allegations and the facts already known to the public but presented from a new perspective. This is the first time I read about the personal feelings of the children regarding the feud.

There was a “highly emotional meeting” among the Yanson 4 and they “could not help but lament about where our siblings’ greed has brought our family. When our father was still alive, Daddy Cardo kept everyone in place and secure the bus liner operations. Now that he is gone, Mommy Love, Ginnette and Leo Rey have created a giant mess in our family and our well-built business.”

During that meeting, they “talked about the worst scenario that can happen to us. Information has reached us that Ginnette and Leo Rey are finding ways to make their non-bailable criminal cases against us hold up in court. They have already filed cases of frustrated murder, carnapping, and qualified theft against the four of us and some members of the third generation.”

Our readers will recall the Yanson 3 filed these cases, but I think the prosecutors have dropped them. Anyway, if the cases are still unresolved, then there is indeed fear that these criminal charges, if given due course and filed, the Yanson 4 and their children involved in the case will have to stay in jail until the case is decided. If the decision is in their favor, they go free; if not they will serve sentence in prison.

It seems, however, that there remains a fear that the cases will prosper.

The Yanson 3 “are finding ways how to plant evidence so that we can be arrested and will stay in prison even if we didn’t do anything wrong. Reports have reached us that tremendous amounts of money are being paid to different groups of people. They are ordered to bring the four of us and our families down.”

Indeed, with all the money that is in the control of the Yanson 3 the possibilities cannot be discounted. There are, after all, prosecutors and judges with weak moral spines unmindful of the grave injustice they will inflict on the innocent. These are people in authority who do not believe in God because if they do then they can expect Divine Justice when they die. The millions they collect here on earth will have no value before the Supreme Judge.

This part of the Sleeping Truth is a warning. It creates a situation where the officers of the law will be suspected of having been bought when they file the cases even when there are no bases to sustain them.

Who is the “mastermind” in this plot? Let’s continue next week.