PRO-6 imposes measures to address upsurge of COVID-19

The Police Regional Office (PRO)-6 on March 24, 2021 reiterated a memo from the national headquarters imposing strategies/measures to address the increasing number of COVID-19 cases due to new variants that were recently detected.

In the memorandum, all police units shall sustain the deployment of personnel to enforce IATF Guidelines particularly on the observance of health safety protocols based on the recent issuances.

Pregnant policewomen can work from home to prevent cases of deaths as they are considered as “high-risk”.

The PRO-6 will continue to conduct information drive through social media pages of all units to educate the community on the preventive measures and the emergence of new variants in the country.

Frontline Services providers such as clearance issuances, firearm registration and the likes are also advised to limit the number of clients and employ means to avoid protocol violations.

Persons under 18 years of age and over 65 who are non-residents and non-employees inside camps are temporarily prohibited from visiting camp premises.

Face-to-face media interview or press conference is temporarily suspended for the information officers.

In addition to these guidelines, PRO-6 shall activate the Medical Reserved Force (MRF) composed of 213 personnel who will be placed under the supervision and control of the Health Service and will assist in case there would be shortage of medical personnel in the region.

Station Health Units will also be activated to monitor the medical conditions of all personnel on the daily basis particularly those who were found positive for COVID-19 and those who have symptoms.

Based on the record of Regional Personnel and Records Management Division, as of March 22, PRO-6 has a total of 258 COVID-19 cases among its personnel. The number includes 19 active cases, 238 recoveries and 1 death.