PSA conducts training for 2024 census and community-based monitoring

PSA Senior Statistical Specialist Jerome Cadayona gives a lecture on the functions and usage of the latest data collection tools

BACOLOD CITY — The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) recently conducted the 2024 Census of Population and Community-Based Monitoring System (POPCEN-CBMS) Provincial Level Training from June 17 to June 22, 2024.

The training, held in Bacolod City, aimed to equip Census Area Supervisors (CAS) across the province with the necessary skills and knowledge for the upcoming 2024 POPCEN-CBMS Survey.

The week-long training featured a blend of lectures and practical exercises designed to enhance the competencies of participants in various aspects of census and survey operations.

Key topics included data validation procedures, census enumeration techniques, program navigation, and handling various scenarios that may arise during the implementation of POPCEN-CBMS procedures.

PSA Chief Statistical Specialist John F. Campomanes provided an extensive overview of the program’s goals and key strategies for effective implementation.

“Our objective is to ensure that all supervisors are well-prepared to lead the census activities efficiently and accurately,” Campomanes said, emphasizing the importance of precise data collection for national planning and policy-making.

The training also featured PSA Senior Statistical Specialist Jerome Cadayona, who shared practical strategies and methods for effective data collection.

“We focused on equipping our personnel with the best practices in data gathering and community engagement to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the census data,” Cadayona noted.

Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges from previous surveys, fostering a collaborative learning environment. This exchange of insights helped enhance their understanding and preparedness for the upcoming census activities.

This provincial-level training serves as a precursor to the City/Municipality Level Training scheduled for July 1-6 and July 8-13, 2024. These sessions will further refine the skills of census workers at the local level, ensuring comprehensive coverage and data accuracy across various municipalities.

The success of the 2024 POPCEN-CBMS Provincial Level Training was attributed to the collective efforts and support of the PSA Central Office, PSA Negros Occidental Field Office, and the dedication of all participants.


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