PSA-Guimaras starts New Year with the 2018 FIES V2

THE Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)- Guimaras started the new year with the 2018 Family Income and Expenditures Survey second visit (FIES V2) training to generate the income and expenditure data for the period July to December to complete the information for the year 2018.

The first visit data collection was conducted in July 2018 to cover the period of January to June 2018 only.

Currently, the PSA-Guimaras is conducting its six-day 3rd level training to equip the 25 hired Statistical Researchers (SRs) and 2 Team Supervisors (TS) of the official concepts and definition of terms used in the survey questionnaires.

The training started in Jan 3 until Jan 8, 2019, including Saturday and Sunday to beat the schedule of field interview/enumeration period on Jan 9-31, 2019.

The FIES is a nationwide survey of households undertaken every three years and it serves as the main source of data on family income and expenditures, to include the levels of consumption by item of expenditure as well as the sources of income in cash and in kind.

The information gathered will show the standards of living and disparities in income of families, spending patterns; supply standard information to update the weights used in the estimation of the Consumer Price Index (CPl); and will also give inputs in the estimation of the province’s poverty threshold and incidence.

It is one of the most important surveys conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority due to its uses:

a.) It provide the basic source of information used in the estimation of the household account in the system of national accounts and balances;

b.) It is used in the measurement of the Human Development Index;

c.) It supplies information for assessing the impact on living standards and existing or proposed

social and economic programs of the government;

d.) Used for formulating welfare-oriented policies; and

e.) It generates data needed for statistical demand analysis leading to the estimation of income, price and cross elasticity of demand, among other things.

Same sample households for the FIES visit 1 will be interviewed for the second visit in 13 barangays of Buenavista, 8 barangays in Jordan, 11 in Nueva Valencia, 6 in San Lorenzo and 7 barangays in Sibunag.

The PSA-Guimaras encourages the sample households to support and be patient in giving truthful information to their trained enumerators for the success of the conduct of the 2018 FIES and to ensure the provision of reliable data to stakeholders and policy makers.