Quo vadis Sal Panelo?

By: Jose B. Maroma

I commiserate with Atty. Panelo who lately has been scooped several times by Senator Bong Go.

While Atty. Panelo earlier fumbled with lame explanations on the aborted release of Sanchez, Bong Go came out blazing with glorious statements like “heads will roll, perpetrators of heinous crimes are excluded.” These bold damage control pronouncements come from someone with a direct line to the Big Boss.

Poor Sal, he is relegated to the unpleasant role of a contortionist trying to wiggle out of tight holes and rationalizing careless metaphors.

In American jargon, Panelo’s role is that of a used car salesman who sells you a Toyota but you walk away believing you got a Mercedes. He is expected to be glib enough to sell refrigerators to the Eskimos.

Bong Go, on the other hand, is a loyal friend who enjoys the President’s complete trust. If you want to read the President’s mind, listen to Bong Go.

Poor Panelo is second seed. Bong Go sanitizes the President better because he knows more, besides generating good vibes as a dispenser of goodies to the disadvantaged.  Bong Go dishes out choice cuts while Panelo serves seconds.

My unsolicited advice to Atty. Panelo: Time to pack up bags and go, Sir. Enough is enough.  It’s the manly thing to do. You can’t stay as a shock observer nor a Houdini forever. You enjoyed top billing in private law practice. You may step down and resume a once flourishing career.  I want to hear you as the real you, not as a tethered spokesperson. It’s more fun fighting than apologizing.

There must be life beyond Malacanang.


The author is a retired civil engineer from Cabatuan, Iloilo. He likes to spend his time reading and writing on the burning issues of the day