Retired cop faces string of cases

ROXAS CITY, Capiz – A string of criminal cases will be filed against a retired police officer who allegedly ran amok and attempted to punch the chief of police of Maayon, Capiz on May 6, 2019.

John Francis Borres, 55, of Poblacion Tabuc, Maayon, Capiz could be charged for direct assault, alarm and scandal, trespass to dwelling and malicious mischief.

Borres’ family had him arrested after he became unruly wild due to drunkenness.

The trouble began when the suspect barged inside the house of his brother Jose Mandy and destroyed some of the latter’s belongings.

While at the police station, Borres raised his voice and tried to punch the police chief, Lt. Mark Anthony Garcia, who was in the other corner of the police station.

He also dared anybody, including the police chief, to a fight.

Fortunately, Garcia evaded Borres’ blow and he ordered the latter detained.