Roads upgraded for seamless travel to northern Negros Occidental

Traveling to the cities and towns in northern Negros Occidental will be more convenient with the road improvement activities being undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

DPWH-Negros 1st District Engineering Office is currently implementing asphalt overlaying along two major roads in northern Negros Occidental, specifically in the cities of Cadiz and Sagay.

Citing from the report of OIC-District Engineer Dene B. Baldonado Jr., DPWH Regional Director (RD) Nerie D. Bueno said these preventive maintenance projects will extend the lifespan of the road, and provide motorists and travelers with seamless and cost-efficient transportation, benefiting all road users and the environment.

“Overlaying the existing concrete roads with asphalt will strengthen the pavement, correcting the surface defects, and improving pavement serviceability. This will also offer high skid resistance and provide high contrast between the pavement and road markings, giving drivers better visibility of the signs,” RD Bueno said.

“Overlaying the road with asphalt will also restore the ability of the road to handle heavy traffic on its smooth, sealed surface. Overlaying does not also require longer curing time, hence, construction time is minimized, and traffic delays will be minor,” RD Bueno added.

Meantime, OIC-DE Dene B. Baldonado, Jr., said that the overlaying projects will benefit vehicle owners and operators, as well as the residents along the road.

“Asphalt road surfaces offer cost-efficient vehicle maintenance, reducing the frequent occurrence of “wear-and-tear.” The smoother road surface also reduces noise and air pollution as vehicles could run smoothly, reducing strong engine revolution, OIC-DE Baldonado said.

“Asphalt overlay provides a smoother, dark, solid surface that improves the ride quality, reduces noise levels, and reduces the full cycle cost of the surface,” Baldonado added.

Expected to be completed within the 3rd quarter of this year, the two asphalt overlaying projects include the 1.42-kilometer portion of the 4-lane Bacolod North Road from Cadiz City to Sagay City in the amount of ₱20 million; and the 495-meter portion of the 4-lane Sagay-Bato-Dian-Marcelo-Balea Junction Road in Sagay City in the amount of ₱8 million, which includes the provision of metal guard rails for additional protection.

DPWH remains committed to its mission of providing necessary engineering solutions for road safety by ensuring that road surface is at par with international standards. (DPWH)