Sidetracked! Justice cries out

By Reni M. Valenzuela

The main focus has become Alice Guo, no longer the bane Pogo. Sidetracked!

Identifying the real Alice Guo and charging in court the Alice Guo Mayor of Bamban, Tarlac, and deporting or jailing her are not as important as stopping and banning Pogo — NOW!

In light of news developments and controversies on the issue, the ones who now appear to have the need of exorcism seems to be our government officials more than the devil Pogo. Stop and ban all Pogo operations in the country (legal and illegal) is the battle cry. Alice po Guo, I mean, ALIS POGO!

Equally important is getting into the bottom of the alleged, highly probable Pogo involvement of high profile personalities inside and outside Pampanga  — like Sen. Lito Lapid, Governor Dennis Pineda, Vice-Governor Lilia Pineda, Pagcor officials, and some others. Sobrang bugbog na po ang mayora, ngunit hindi nyo man lang makanti at masaling ang kabuktutan ng mas malalaking tao na may mas malalaking pananagutan.

Do some focus adjustment or readjustment. See the bigger picture and so act normal, and wise — to serve the country and our people (truly).

Time for “biggies” to be held accountable for their crimes and misdeeds come hell or high water — just as what other countries are admirably doing, Honduras being the latest example.  Its former president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, was sentenced (just days ago) to 45 years in prison for “teaming up with some bribe-paying drug traffickers for over a decade.”

Let the wheel of justice roll, sans our Justice Secretary who seems to have been projecting himself (sincerely and openly), together with the Solicitor General, as being selective in their choice of cases to pursue and be serious about (but mostly futile). Heaven is unveiled, but not to the veiled. All eyes are open except theirs.

Our courts of justice or the Municipal Trial Court of Muntinlupa in particular deserves a kudos for the acquittal of former Senator Leila de Lima in her final case over which, apparently, Sec. Crispin Remulla and the “rule of law” have no hand. Praise God.

But no, Mr. President, I beg to disagree with you when you said, in the aftermath of the recent De Lima acquittal, that the court’s decision is proof of the country’s functioning judiciary. It was God, sir, who functioned in the De Lima case all throughout, till the end.

Simply look at the thousands of those (mostly poor) who languish in jail, unfairly and unjustly, and be marveled (at the same time) with the numerous crooks, thugs, avaricious, robbers and killers in high places — how they continue to swagger in suits and collared polos, going scot-free, enjoying life and perks that go with their being “influential” in politics and the powers that be, and popular among fools — and then tell me, sir, if our judiciary is functioning.

May I ask, dear government, with due respect: Where is justice for the great media man Percy Lapid and the 34 missing sabungeros years after the crimes were committed? Much less, where is justice for the many thousands of victims of extrajudicial killings during the Duterte drug war campaign? No light, not even a dim, single glimmer of light.  Darkness all over, all around — deliberately, alas! Let the International Criminal Court (ICC) come in.

An urgent and emergent cabinet revamp for the BBM administration is very much in order. “He (God) reveals deep hidden things; He knows what lies (and lies) in darkness, and light dwells with Him.” – Daniel 2:22 

Justice cries out.



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