Smooth travel around Guimaras ensured with improved road condition

Traveling around Guimaras Island is now smoother, safer, faster, and more convenient with the road improvement project undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), Guimaras District Engineering Office.

With a total length of 9.48 kilometers and a collective cost of ₱187.1 million funded by its Preventive Maintenance program, the district has completed the asphalt overlaying of Guimaras Circumferential Road, specifically in the towns of Jordan and Buenavista. These towns are the entry points to the island province through Jordan and Buenavista wharves.

Citing a report by District Engineer (DE) Rhodora B. Nuñal, DPWH 6 Regional Director (RD) Nerie D. Bueno emphasized the importance of maintaining the good condition of the roads.

“Maintaining the good condition of national roads is one of our utmost priorities to provide motorists and the traveling public with safer and more convenient transportation access. Hence, overlaying with asphalt will not only restore the good condition of the road but will prolong its life span, which our road users can benefit from for a longer time” Bueno said.

“Asphalt pavement offers no or fewer road bumps, thus maintenance cost of vehicles will be lessened due to reduced “wear and tear”. Asphalt road has also high skid resistance and high contrast between pavement and road markings, giving motorists better road visibility in any weather condition,” Bueno explained.

“To ensure the safety of our motorists and pedestrians, especially at night, reflectorized thermoplastic pavement markings, pedestrian lanes, and reflectorized warning signs are installed.”

Meantime, Engr. Nuñal said the improvement of the 3.81-kilometer road in Jordan and the 5.67-kilometer road in Buenavista include the reconstruction of Portland Concrete Cement Pavement on inner lanes, asphalt overlaying, application of pavement markings such as center lines, edge lines, separation lines, stop lines, pedestrian crossing and refuge island markers.

“Guimaras Circumferential Road is one of the main thoroughfares in the island, which caters residents to government and private establishments such as schools, hospitals, markets; and provides both local and foreign tourists going to magnificent tourist destinations in the province. Hence, its improvement will provide lesser travel time and ease of access,” DE Nuñal said. (DPWH-6)