SSS Mobile App one of most downloaded utility app

THE state-run Social Security System’s mobile application, SSS Mobile App, was ranked as one of the top five most downloaded productivity and utility application in Google Play Store and Apple Store, respectively, the pension fund said Thursday.

SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora C. Ignacio said the SSS Mobile App landed among the top three most downloaded app under the productivity category in Google Play Store with more than 1.52 million downloads and ranked among the top four with the highest number of downloads in the App Store with nearly 110,000 downloads from iOs phone users.

Ignacio urged members of the pension fund to use SSS Mobile App for a fast and convenient way of viewing their membership information through their smartphones and tablets.

“Our members should take advantage of this application since it will save them time and effort in monitoring their status and contributions with the SSS. They do not have to go to our branch just to check if their employer has been remitting their contributions or whether their loan payments are already posted,” Ignacio said.

The SSS management has announced earlier its plan to shift to digital technology when it comes to servicing its members and pensioners.

Among the programs or projects under this plan is the expanded implementation of SSS Self-Service Express Terminal (SSS-ExT), formerly called Self-Service Information Terminal, in 128 additional branches and service offices nationwide.

As of writing, there are 280 SSS-ExT units deployed in SSS branches. Of this number, 272 are in branches and the remaining 8 in service offices.

As of end-March 2019, more than 21.5 million online inquiries were received through the SSS-ExT and more than 324,000 transactions have been made.

Through the SSS-ExT, members may file their maternity notification and pensioners may change their address and contact information. Members and pensioners may also verify their records with SSS through the SSS-ExT such as their monthly contributions, loan status, Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card information, benefit claims status like sickness and maternity, employment history, Flexi-fund status, and their member details.

“Soon our members may also file their salary loan applications and update their contact information, do simplified web registration, generate Payment Reference Number to pay for their monthly contributions through the SSS-ExT.  We are already setting up the infrastructure to make transacting with SSS easier for our stakeholders,” Ignacio said.

Aside from the SSS Mobile App and SSS-ExT, there are other online channels that members and pensioners may use in making transactions with the SSS. They may use their online account via My.SSS in the SSS Website, and make inquiries using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) and Text-SSS. Other services that may be derived thru My.SSS are filing of retirement claim applications, request for branch appointment, inquiry on location of SSS branches, inquiry on SS information, PESO and Flexi-fund enrolment and request for records.

Under his leadership, Finance Secretary and Social Security Commission Chairman Carlos G. Dominguez wants to strengthen the digital platforms of SSS for better service delivery and at the same time to reinforce the message that SSS is savings. “What you put in SSS as savings is what you’ll get in benefits.  The increase in contributions is an opportunity to save more for contingencies particularly for retirement,” he said.