Suspects charged in Pavia robbery case

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A criminal case has been filed against two suspects who allegedly robbed a call center agent early in the morning on June 24.

Major Dadje Delima, Pavia police chief, said that a case for robbery with force and intimidation against a person was filed against a suspect known as Bryan and a John Doe on Friday, June 28.

The victim identified Bryan as the one who grabbed his bag, which contained a mobile phone, a wallet with P1,200 in cash, and several identification cards.

The incident occurred as the victim was on his way to his boarding house in Barangay Hibao-an, Pavia when two motorcycle-riding men stopped near him.

The back rider, identified as Bryan, then grabbed his bag, and the suspects sped off.

Around two hours later, motorcycle-riding suspects also robbed another call center agent in Oton town.

Police are investigating whether the two incidents were perpetrated by the same individuals.


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