Tech – computers, consoles, games

Bro – camaraderie, friendship, community

Hub – hangout, watering hole, go-to place


Techbrohub Gaming Lounge (quite literally) brings all of these elements together.

Men are just boys masquerading as grown-ups. And boys from time to time need to let loose.

And really, what are we if not man-sized boys?

Techbrohub provides the perfect escape to forget about your 8-5 job, ignore your monthly bills, and drown out your nagging wife (or girlfriend). Any Friday night with the boys is a night well spent.

Don’t let your lady tell you otherwise.

This place is a sanctuary for geeks, a Valhalla for the hardcore gamers, a place where you can hone your creep-killing skills as well as berate your teammates when they don’t back you up.

Clearly, it was their fault you died.

Aside from popular games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends, Techbrohub also offers other games too many to mention. Internet speed is also a premium as they provide fiber-optic speeds. They also offer a suite of Adobe programs (from Photoshop to Premiere), so you can work on your ‘school projects’ while geeking out.

With its open spaces, comfortable chairs and stellar set-ups, Techbrohub is the perfect place for LAN parties, esports tournaments, and kicking your brother’s ass at Marvel vs Capcom.

Lawrence will definitely be coming back to take his revenge on Lcid, and defend his honor.

Well, at least he’ll try.