Teen hurts self in accidental firing

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A 16-year-old boy was wounded after the gun he was allegedly carrying accidentally discharged.

Alias Dondon (real name withheld), a resident of Barangay Barasalon, Janiuay, Iloilo, suffered an injury on his right knee.

Captain Alwin Salmon, Janiuay police chief, said the incident happened at around 6 p.m. of April 15 while the victim was on his way home.

Dondon claimed that he went looking for internet signal prior to the incident.

He was running on his way home when the homemade 12-gauge pistol-type shotgun slipped off his waist.

As claimed by the victim, the firearm fell, hit the ground, and went off.

Dondon told police investigators that he managed to ask for help from his neighbors.

He was rushed to Federico Roman Tirador Sr. Memorial District Hospital for treatment and was later referred to a hospital in Iloilo City.

Salmon said the gun was not recovered during their follow-up investigation.

The boy claimed that it was his father’s.

“We can’t charge anyone because it was self-inflicted,” Salmon said.

The victim also failed to explain why he was carrying a gun while just looking for cellphone signal.