Teen stabs classmate in Calinog

By Jennifer P. Rendon

A teenage boy surrendered to police authorities after he allegedly stabbed his classmate evening of Jan. 5 in Calinog, Iloilo.

Nineteen-year-old Drew (real name withheld) did not attempt to flee and was just home at Barangay Cahigon, Calinog when responding policemen arrived.

Major Myles Dieron, Calinog police chief, said the suspect came from his grandmother’s wake when he was waylaid by the 18-year-old victim, alias Janjan.

The victim was with his older brother when the incident happened.

The two initially figured in a fistfight but when Drew realized that he was at a disadvantage, he pulled a knife and stabbed the victim.

Janjan sustained an injury on the back portion of his left shoulder.

The victim was rushed to Calinog District Hospital and is now in stable condition.

Dieron said the bad blood between the two teenagers started over some disagreements while they were both under the influence of liquor.

It apparently wasn’t resolved and had the two keeping grudges against each other.

The suspect is now detained pending the filing of appropriate charges against him.