The politics of justice 

By Reni M. Valenzuela

Our country’s withdrawal from the International Criminal Court was by itself a step backward – a gargantuan, colossal mistake that is detrimental and inimical to the safety and interest of the Filipino people and the nation as a whole. How come we allowed it?

The issue is not about protecting/favoring certain individuals in the name of “political payback.” This is not even just about rendering justice to the countless victims (from 6,200 to around 30,000) of the drug war. This is by far about the future, not just the present. Imagine this: We have lost all the good reasons (or benefits) why almost all the countries in the world are part of the ICC, sans of course the few ones that are under despotic rulership.

What if similar “government war” happens again, worse, in other and more aspects of “war” against/versus whatever? What if an antichrist gets elected in the coming elections to force his way into every Filipino to receive the Mark of the Beast, 666? Where then is the deterrence and justice?

Politicians should not treat public service as something personal to them. Otherwise, they would always be thinking and working for their own personal interests and those of their friends and allies, rather than the interests of the country and/or the welfare of hungry and downtrodden, and victims.

Mr. President, you have a few admirable things or good news to report in your SONA like the solid stand and steps you have taken, vis-a-vs the West Philippine Sea.  But, with due respect, would you kindly put meaning and genuine heart to your “food stamps,” Sir – by siding with the people (not politics) in the matter of justice?

Dear countrymen, haven’t we noticed/spotted the trick (yet)?  Pinaiikot-ikot lamang po tayo ng pulitika (at mga pulitiko), one election after another.

Wala pong katapusan ang pagtanaw nila ng “utang na loob” sa isa’t isa. Sa uri ng pulitika meron tayong mga Pilipino, tila hahanapin mong palagi talaga kung nasaan ang hustisya.

The ICC entering the picture to render justice to the victims of the drug war is in order, much less given the fact of what the government is “doing” and not doing about the matter, in over seven years at that. The few who argue against it are just playing politics – at the expense of Juan dela Cruz – or justice and progress.

What the people need from the government is justice, not politics. Solomonic wisdom, not inanity. “God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.” – Ecclesiastes 3:17. 

The ICC issue is not a personal matter for any “public servant” to decide – just as sovereignty is far from being a part of the issue. We have a functioning justice system. Correct. But how is it functioning – or how has it been politicizing justice? Ergo, that is where the ICC’s jurisdiction comes in (rightfully) – as an international body. And it is in matters like this that reason is most  potent than government – or government damnable.

The imperative, most fundamental “articles” and “sections” can’t be found in the Constitution or any law book – more so in politics or the heart of politicians. See the real, big picture.

Calling the Supreme Court of the Philippines.