Thou art the one

By Klaus Döring

The faults we see in others often reveal our own imperfections. We frequently criticize our own shortcomings when we see them in others.

Very often, we hear from friends and others things they seem to hate. They even criticize others about their looks or activities during weekends, vacations or off days.

In social networks, we are able to read comments and posts in a very bad manner about other people’s houses and gardens.

Most of the time, gossiping ruins one’s life. Gossips come about because of envy.

I know it’s not that easy. But why not try to love the unlovables instead of giving them so many negative comments. And one step further: why not examine ourselves first before criticizing others?

Upon examination of my own life, I am annoyed when others are late for an appointment and keep me waiting. I feel angry when parents speak harshly and treat their children cruelly. I feel upset when individuals in a meeting monopolize the conservation. I could give you more and more examples, my dear readers.

But, at such times when I look inward, I hear the words, “Thou are the one”! I realize that the imperfections I see in others are often my own.

When the Lord looks at us, He sees not only what we are but what He enables us to become. Very important – we can learn not to expect too much for ourselves that we become discouraged. The grace of God does not change us unless we respond. It can change our outlook and with our outlook, our attitudes. With changed attitudes, we can become whatever we would never be.

Kindness, helpfulness, hospitality, obligingness, ready to do favors – and our moment of virtue will not be destroyed by time’s storm. Love and mercifulness from the bottom of our heart shared with people who will cross our path – and nobody will forget us,


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