Top design school partners with pharmaceutical firm

iACADEMY brings education to new heights as they partner once again with the country’s largest pharmaceutical company, United Laboratories Inc. (Unilab), wherein Multimedia Arts and Design students are challenged to bring unique and creative solutions to real world problems.

Upholding iACADEMY’s vision to produce industry-ready game changers who can also lead in the advancement of society, Unilab agreed to offer internship programs for students in specialized areas such as Arts and Design with an in-depth professional training program lasting 960 hours.

iACADEMY students who will pass Unilab’s screening process will be given an opportunity to work on projects or tasks related to their field of specialization.

Last April 2020, iACADEMY first partnered with Unilab where eighty (80) 2nd year Multimedia Arts and Design students were entrusted to propose a commercially viable packaging mock design for a product line for development.

After an intensive 1,440+ dedicated project hours, 60+ days of study, brainstorming, research, revisions, and guidance of 3 top-notch industry professionals from the iACADEMY School of Design and the Arts, and 4 in-class pitches, the top 4 works emerged and impressed Unilab representatives during the presentation last July 2020.

“In iACADEMY, we make sure that our students are industry-relevant once they graduate and I am very happy that our partner, Unilab, helps and supports this mission. With this partnership, we are confident that our student’s skills will be highlighted, and at the same time, they will be exposed to industry practices even before graduation,” iACADEMY President an CEO Vanessa Tanco said.